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People you are friends with on a Social Network that you've never met in person.
I have 650 Virtuals on FaceBook, along with 10 friends.
by Brandomonium March 16, 2011
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Another word used in place of "cool" or "awesome" by urban white punk kids
Dude! Nofx is SOOO virtual!
by Swan March 04, 2004
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The very thing that makes you zone out of reality an make you jump out a window because you think your a gta character and if thats not already happend to you and your reading this...... Stop it, get some help
Johnny entered the virtual world of rainbow six siege
via giphy
by Kylat May 03, 2018
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Another term for ‘Generation-Z’. People born in the 21st century.
This generation of ‘Virtuals’ are really techno digital genius’s. They are also moreover virtuous and racially enlightened. Although far less racist; they frustrate many older people due to their lack of anger....
by Major Thomas Randle September 17, 2018
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