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23rd island of greece, also looks like "amongus" for some reason
Person 1: The imposter is armogos
Person 2: Did you just refference the 23rd greek island
Person 1: Oops autocorrect
Person 2: We're talking irl
by DEMEMZEA May 06, 2021
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1 - When something is impossible to actually do it but you have technically done it

2 - When something won't probably happen but there is actually a chance
1 - i've virtually time traveled by walking ( 0.00000001 seconds less time because of phisics )

2 - well, you have killed all humans, if the AI did the same thing in another random order, there is a 1 in 10²²²²²²²²²² chance it would have killed all humans the same way as you did
by DEMEMZEA December 26, 2020
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The word once put in urban dictionary to describe a song made by Harry Styles but now it's just self fufilling because now everyone who goes here to gather information about a random slang gets exposed to this as the third information so this page doesnt stop being viewed
Person 1- do you know what idgaf means
Person 2-just search it in urban dictionary
Person 1-ooh i also clicked in "watermelon sugar" because it alpears as first and i want to know what it really means
Person 2-oh that page that gets more meta each month
by DEMEMZEA April 06, 2021
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