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1. Someone who looses their virginity and becomes sex crazy.
Emily is suffering from a severe case of Virginitis and turned into a huge slut.
by homibrive March 02, 2009
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1. The sex crazed state of a mind after losing ones virginity

2. A brand of Paul Newman salad dressing
My roommate has virginitis; he had sex with a guy in a gay club and now has sex in his portion of our room all the time.

Hey BITCH, pass me over some a that virginitis!
by jessejackson01 March 02, 2009
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What a girl gets after she gets all stuck on the first guy to penetrate her. Symptoms include geting all clingy, blowing up his cellphone tracking his whereabouts,calling mutual friends to look for him, etc. Can last anywhere from a few days to many years.....depending on how severe the case is.
Sadly, Rachel was unable to find another boyfriend after she caught virginitis from Bill.
by o1aztekdog August 30, 2006
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A situation when recently deflowered virgins find it necessary to relate everything back to their now active sex-lives
Normal human: "I"m so sweaty"
Sufferer of Virginitis: "Oh that reminds me of when XXX and I were having sex that one time.."
by Miago/Othellie December 05, 2009
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