the worst instrument that requires no skill. disabled people choose to play viola.
i'm sorry that you have to switch to viola.
by sillygirl08 November 21, 2021
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A person that suffers of Best Pussy Disorder. BPD
Viola's pussy is unrivaled
by 6michi November 25, 2021
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An ugly ass bitch who has no feelings. She is the rudest bitch you'll ever meet
"Look it's viola"
"Omg her face is making me cry she's so ugly"
"Totaly right, she's a bitch"
by Thatsaname February 23, 2017
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A person who does not understand that they lack musical ability and are always either out of tune or off tempo. You can always find them giving quizzical looks to their sheet music.
*Person playing out of tune and very off tempo*
“Dang he is such a viola player”, said the maestro.
by Camelot Never Fat Again October 30, 2021
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Black cat that snorts and dies on your floor each day with a German accent.
Viola rat is so dumb. She just dies on your floor and nothing much goes on.
by Isabel banks May 10, 2020
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