1. what you say when you do something right, pronounced wa-la! Italian or Latin in origin I thinks

2. an instrument, like a small violin, but sounds kinda like a cello. go figure.
1. Viola! I have finished my model car.

2. Jerry plays the viola in band class.
by zomgwtflolbbq February 22, 2008
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A writer who rebels against the mainstream and kicks out against chick lit she uses her own language to paint descriptions of people and places .
Oh that poem is by Saira Viola it uses colour and art and music to describe characters and plot action .
by AidanK July 26, 2011
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Viola King. The only orchestra player in the world who can best Ling Ling. Plays Viola, and practiced 80 hours a day.
“Why can’t you be more like Viola King, he practices 80 hours a day
by Viola King March 8, 2020
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When you stick the end of a violin up your ass
When you're at band camp and that violin is looking really hot, so you do the dirty viola.
by Byers85 October 28, 2020
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Saira Viola is a writer , poet and social commentator who has pioneered a style of writing called sonicscatterscript where she uses lyrical beats, art, music and references to popular culture to describe characters and story lines. The social value of her work reflects the times we live in . She uses satire and comedy to highlight inequality and hypocrisy in society. Her USP is that she manages to describe it all in very short lyrical sentences .
"She was a Harvey Nicks Chick with a trust fund appetite and throw away morals" Oh that's Saira Viola speak for she was a rich bitch with no heart. Or "She was centre fold hot" Saira Viola talk for she was smoking. "He was Duke Ellington blue"
Saira Viola on someone who is sad . Or "With him big Phil from Notting Hill a pin up gangster with a mars bar weal scraping the left side of his face" Saira Viola describing a gangster. "Two wag slags in tow trussed up like poodles with bratz babe stares armed with Gucci handbags" Saira speak for two label loving chicks using their handbags as weapons .
by Philliph August 19, 2011
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Viola is the most Amazing thing that has happened to me, She is the Prettiest,Cutest and the most beautiful girl in the whole damn world. She means the everything to me and makes me feel like a whole different person .I never want her to leave my side .

I want us to stay together forever. I love you Vioma!!
I love Angeline Viola
by Mavio November 14, 2020
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He’s a meme created by TwoSetViolin (Eddy is the “actor” that represents this character). It is said that he’s better than Ling Ling.

Once upon a time (1500), a luthier called Kachikawawa made violins for the musicians that played at court for the king. The king wanted more bass at the orchestra, so he contacted Kachikawawa and created the Cello and the Double-Bass. Then, this luthier made a mistake while cutting the wood that was supposed to be a violin in the future. It was too big for a violin case, but too small for a cello one. It was a disaster, so the King and Kachikawawa decided to keep the secret. It didn’t go really well. Ling Ling was listening the conversation and he told everyone about it! The world wanted to know about this creation, so Kachikawawa and the King finally agreed on the fact that they should keep creating that instrument. They named it “viola”, and everyone loved it!

Throughout time, people were very ill and they found out that it was caused by the frequencies that the viola emitted. To destroy it, there was needed a sacrifice, so the King grabbed the viola, played some notes and suddenly, he died. It is said that his soul’s still living in his helmet.
Brett: Wow! Have you heard that The Viola King is even better than Ling Ling because he practises 40 hours a second?!?
by Skaia June 23, 2019
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