A person who does not understand that they lack musical ability and are always either out of tune or off tempo. You can always find them giving quizzical looks to their sheet music.
*Person playing out of tune and very off tempo*
“Dang he is such a viola player”, said the maestro.
by Camelot Never Fat Again October 30, 2021
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idunn viola is the most sexyest girl in the world. she rocks the hole scool and is the hotest an prettyest girl that had ever existed. se seems hard but when you get to know her you will se that she has feeligs. and dont forget shes HOT and i meen HOT
omg shes idunn viola
by hvem? April 28, 2017
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"Man this presentation is really hard! " "I know should we complain about it to Mrs. Dietschweiler? "
Or if this ever happens to you : "You forgot your Murphy?" "Yes" " Bring a cake ! " then someone pulled a Dietschweiler on you. This is a dietschweiler viola .
by devuns December 11, 2016
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Person one: what's the difference between onions and a viola

Person two: chopping up violas don't make people cry
by Ur.mom0002 October 16, 2021
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Violas usually stay short for their whole life, below 1.55. They’ll have nice wavy hair but keep on straightening it in the mornings stealing the house’s hot iron. She might be friendly at first until you realize her knee won’t stop hurting and she continuously has organization problems. Her room often resembles to the post-apocalyptic scenario of a catastrophic event. Viola loves animals, in particular dogs and turtles even though at times the two may not go well together. Will she manage the situation? Viola is a passionate creature who wears with a hair clips to school.
What’s the name of that girl eating those baby bells with piadina?

Its viola
by Notyoursister November 22, 2021
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An instrument hated by most classical musicians. if you are a ling ling wannabe or a TwoSetViolin fan, you will throw up and have 2 seizures and a heart attack just by hearing the word “Viola”. It is like a violin but slightly bigger, and with a different tuning with different music, and a different clef (that looks like my 7 year old shoe donated in the garage sale.) It honestly doesn’t produce that bad of a sound. The Viola is very unheard of for non-musicians. if you ask them to name all classical string instruments, they will ONLY say violin and cello. a reason it may be hated for many people (especially TwoSet fans) is it’s just more uncommon or worse than the violin. there are many viola jokes but violists just laugh along with them instead of being like GEN Z starting a riot and spamming “cry about it”
violist: the viola is good why do u guys hate it :(
violinist: pukes
other classical musicians: violin is better
non-musician: what’s a viola
by sevino boyyy August 6, 2021
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a name for a extremely powerful woman. great humour, everyone’s favourite.

she ain’t takin shit from NOBODY

this girl could give you life or destroy you, it’s 50/50.
keep your friends close, enemies closer but Viola closest.

adjectives for Viola: powerful, influential, impactful, popular, likeable
i am in love with Viola
by timmy chalamet November 20, 2021
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