Briggsy's ugly rotting cock is so full of holes that when he pisses he needs to lean over the bath but then still manages to flood the bathroom. It is said that it does come in useful when he holds his weekly golden shower parties.
I went to Homebase, but they didn't have any of the normal ones left, so I had to get a Briggsy Sprinkler System!
by Rubber Sheath September 18, 2006
When your gardener digs a hole to plant something and breaks your water-main pipe, resulting in the automatic watering of surrounding plants and trees.
The sun was extremely hot, but I wasn't concerned about my plants, because the gardener had installed a "dominican sprinkler system".
by salondiva January 8, 2011
to have sex. a variant of "lay some pipe" because installing a sprinkler system involves laying pipe.
"i want to install a sprinkler system on that girl"
by dim prickle October 28, 2005
As u are getting head from ur gf, a random girl, or ........other... as ur moment of truth comes to put the creamer in the coffee let her kno its time and whip ur tower of power all over the place while smacking her in the face at the same time
as the man was getting his rim job of doom he whipped his monkey out of its cave did a full 360 spin and preformed a sprinkler system slap all over his womans face!!! wat a boss :D
by shadow of life November 5, 2009
When you are doing a girl well from behind and she releases a large quantity of liquid that smells like urine all over your bed
Doing her well from behind set off the 'ol dutch sprinkler system
by Joran van der Sloot March 10, 2008
The sexual act where multiple women squirt on the face of a male participant. Essentially female bukkake.
Last night was so hot, five girls gave me the sprinkler system!