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Wow.....I can't actually believe that people from Villa and Notre Dame have actually stooped so low as to smash each other on some stupid web site. I go to Notre Dame, but I have a lot of friends from Villa too, and I can say that some of my best friends go to Villa. Get over it. Just because one school has more merit finalists or is better at field hockey it doesn't mean that one is suddenly soooo much better than the other and everyone should post bitchy comments about each other....because if you look at it, your insults towards each other are exactly the same and therefore you're not exactly being classier or more original than each other by posting them. And just because we're known as the "Notre Dykes", it does not mean that we are lesbians or have a lesbian alumnae club, just as you aren't all fat and ugly just because your equally moronic nickname are the Villa Gorillas.
Wow, we all sure do have class for bashing each other on!
by anonymous March 25, 2005
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Adjective for something that definitely wasn't lame, but not quite "hot". In other words, slightly below being hot, therefore warm, like a nice pair of mittens.
"How were things at the club last night?"

"Plenty to drink, but the music was no good. I guess shit was mittens."
by 122445 May 14, 2006
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These insults are so good. Talking about whos better in school? Wow. This feeble attempt is more amusing then watching Devon kids try play contact sports
'my school is better than yours because our grades are higher'
by amusing1 March 20, 2005
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You girls are rediculous. These definitions are rediculous. I graduated from The Academy of Notre Dame but was also a Villa Maria student at one point in time. I obviously enjoyed the Notre Dame community WAY more than Villa and yes I'll side with ND first over everything, but in all seriousness..don't post some stupid definition busting on Notre Dame. Last time I checked these are supposed to define "Villa Maria Girls" not Notre Dame. You wanna know what a Villa girl is...She's a private all-girls schoolgirl who is just like the rest of us. We all wear north face, popped collars, pearls, and ribbons. I have friends from Villa and they're great. All the little assholes posting this shit "villa vs. nd (or whoever else)" are obviously very young because when it comes down to it...a lot of us are actually friends. We've grown together and partied together. So underclassmen: get over your bullshit.
ND girl: We're getting a keg you guys wanna go in on it with us?
Villa girl: We'll be over in ten minutes.
by NDpride March 19, 2005
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Alright I go to Villa, and these "insults" are pretty lame and definately disappointing. If you're gonna insult us, at least do it right
Oh yes, of course I ALWAYS wear my shirts the size of bras in the winter time. They're just FABULOUS for rolling around the snow in!!
by wow March 18, 2005
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Generally known as the best Catholic all-girls school on the Main Line. Commonly compared to the Academy of Notre Dame yet exceeds them annually in both the number of national merit semifinalists and finalists, and the field hockey seasons. In fact, Notre Dame has had to switch leagues in many sports due to their decline of sportsmanship and competency. Villa Girls are generally more well-rounded and better. The typical Villa girl parades to classes each day in her cute knee socks, uniform, LL Bean or North Face school bag, and a hair ribbon that gets cuter and cuter each day of the year. She generally is involved in one or more school sport, three clubs at the very least (Villa sports a mean list of clubs, everything from service, public relations, yoga and SADD becuase Villa girls never make destructive decisions!), and a challenging selection of courses each year. They are extremely well prepared for the great colleges they are accepted into. Villa is prestiged in athletics, academics, and the arts. Villa girls are very personable, fun young ladies. They sure know how to have a good time! That's why they are in very high demand with boys from Malvern Prep, Devon Prep, St. Joes Prep, the Haverford School, EA, and various surrounding institutions. Many a Malvern or Prep boy has commented that while Notre Dykes or 'Hos of the Hill are fun "flings" and "hookups," Villa girls make great serious girlfriends. Their outstanding character leaves little room for question when it comes to committing. Villa girls are born with a natural beauty and sense of class, and unlike Notre Dame girls, their excellent sense of style comes naturally, not from their friends' older sisters. On the weekends the girls can be seen sporting preppy-boho styles, with a proper balance of Abercrombie&Fitch with BCBG Max Azaria, and select vintage items. A Villa girl's staples include Lacostes, Vera Bradley, and DuWop's Lip Venom. Along with her great school and excellent style, Villa girls know how to have fun! They attend and host their share of excellent parties on the weekend, usually for a select group of Villa girls and Malvern boys (we wouldn't want them to be spoiled by any disruptive Notre Dykes.)While Villa girls aren't all perfect, their worst traits are usually just their dirty language. With their perfectly groomed hair, extremely fit bodies, radiant smiles, and glowing countenances, Villa girls are the best around!
"Muffy, will you look at that! Villa beat out Notre Dame again! I bet you Bob asks a Villa Girl to prom instead of that Notre Dyke neighbor of ours..."
by villablue March 18, 2005
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Hey "nice try".. maybe you should also learn to spell before insulting other bad spellers.
In order to graduate grammar school, one must recognize that grammar is spelled with an "ar" rather than an "er". That's just a little something I learned before I was accepted to Notre Dame. Honestly, does anyone have anything else to say?
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