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An abbreviation for Vicodin; (a strong drug used for pain, it is in the codeine family)
Yo, he's spaced he fucked up?

Yeah, man...he took some vikes.
by Anonymous August 03, 2003
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a drug that leaves you completely painfree. you take these things you dont even kno that your leg has just been a shark. good tiems with them vikes..
mike sizzutch takes the vikkizutch
by Jenna March 03, 2005
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To raid or pillage, commonly used when dissussing vending machines.
We totally viked that vending machine!
by tinymcgee January 17, 2004
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To use in place of the word, "Fuck".
To put emphasis on the word, "Fuck".
What the Vike?

I'm so Viking excited for this party!
by Viking Betch May 11, 2009
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