Yo, I just took four tabs of Vike I'm so fucked up now.
by R0AR March 12, 2006
A scrub who is a beyond clueless for a standard person or very irritating.
-Yo why is this vike at the party?
-I don’t know man you heard that he didn’t know stacy was hitting on him right?
-Man what a fucking vike!
by TheCanto June 9, 2018
To use in place of the word, "Fuck".
To put emphasis on the word, "Fuck".
What the Vike?

I'm so Viking excited for this party!
by Viking Betch May 12, 2009
Vikings were Norse or Scandinavian raiders and seafarers. From the late 8th to early 12th centuries they raided wide areas of Europe and also established many governments, and trading networks. The Vikings were known for their ferocity and sailing ability. The word “Viking” does not describe the Norse or Scandinavian people as a whole, but rather it describes the Norse or Scandinavian men who went sailing and raiding.

The vast majority of Viking raiders were male, and the main reason they originally started their raiding was because they wanted to acquire women from foreign lands for sex and marriage. Viking men would return from their raiding with large amounts of women that they had kidnapped. Polygyny was common, so rich and powerful Viking warriors had many wives and concubines.

Apart from Europe, the Vikings had activities in faraway regions such as North Africa, and the Middle East. There is also ample evidence that Vikings had colonized parts of North America. The Vikings have had an undeniable impact on the course of world history.
Vikings were known for their ferocity in battle. They would often defeat their enemies, and then steal their women.
by Ivar the Boneless August 3, 2019
An abbreviation for Vicodin; (a strong drug used for pain, it is in the codeine family)
Yo, he's spaced out...is he fucked up?

Yeah, man...he took some vikes.
by Anonymous August 3, 2003
Warriors of the North, that beat the living fuck out of the christians during the medieval times. Vikings are massive burly bearded men, usually armed wiht swords or axes, that like to drink, fight, and rape christian whores. Weak, modern men are a disgrace of utmost disgust, compared to the mighty vikings.
"Hail Thor!" roared the berzerker Viking as he raised his axe and swung down, chopping a christian's head clean in half, splattering brains all over his blade, arm and face.
by GROMM August 8, 2004
Infinitely better than both Ninjas, and Pirates, at the same time.
Guy1: Hey, what happened to guy2?
*Viking falls out of the sky*
Viking:I just split his body in half with a claymore while fighiting three ninjas and six pirates!
Guy1:*shits pants *runs away*

Vikings will eat you.
by Vikinger November 25, 2007