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Asians that are not yellow.They are the darkest mofos ever.Asians that say 'duma' every couple of seconds.Mainly dominating around Orange County,Bay area,and the San Gabriel Valley areas of California.The whole damn country always lives in one of the cities listed above.Also,generally very good looking people.But they break every good stereotype of an Asian. They gamble way too much. If they ever invite you to their houses,you will see that their whole family tree shares the same roof along with either a chicken,dog or a fish.AND it's a mandatory thing for all of them to have a shrine of Buddha.

How to spot a viet guy:
1.Disgustingly long pinky nails.
2.spiky dark hair (looks like they used the whole container of gel).
3.Either dead skinny or fat.
4.Most of them are short.
5.thinks Honda accords are the shit.
6.has a ridiculous tattoo of either:a dragon,script writing of Vietnam,or their parents name in vietnamese.

How to spot a viet girl:
1.Always gorgeous or dead ugly.
never average.
2.You will find them always wearing shorts and skirts even in a below 0 degree weather.
3.Very sweet and nice all day everyday,but when you go away they will talk about you while doing people nails at their mom's nail shops.
4.either gold diggers or crazy NERDS.
5.always go for ugly white guys.
6.or really HOT Asian guys.
by G.Nguyen November 30, 2007
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