an expression of bein fucked up or wrong.
or something crazy.
1) yo thats vide!!!
2) yo i feel vide.
3) thats vide as fuck!!!
by rnh May 27, 2009
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1. To walk around in a thong in the shape of an elephant

2. to annoy to the point of making someone sleep at a Holiday INN

3. To beat off on Abby's couch

Oh wow swell elephant thong ... u really look VIDE

To Vide on Abby's couch when ur alone and horny
by john and VIDE July 8, 2004
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"...So I'm lookin' at rock videos.
Watchin' these bimbos walkin' like hoes..."

Sir Mix-a-lot, "Baby Got Back"
by Wigga Wannabee May 1, 2005
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French - lit. "under vacuum"

A cooking technique in which food is vacuum sealed in a bag and placed in a temperature-controlled water bath for several hours.

Usually, the water bath is kept at the desired final temperature of the food so that the entire portion slowly reaches the same level of doneness inside and out.

This technique is often used to precisely cook meats to a desired temperature.
I had a filet mignon prepared sous vide for dinner last night.
by Josh2003 June 5, 2023
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vaginal side burns. having little or no hair in the middle and lots of hair on the out side of your vagina.
" eh omg that girl shaved the middle but not the side of her pussy"
by cms girly girl June 19, 2005
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On this day (17th November), any form of the n-word is accepted to use by whites. Black people aren’t allowed to use the word; except light skins.
- Yo man, have you heard of the Vide-day? You’re allowed to use the n-word!

- Vide-day is the best!
by TikTokMaster42069 October 14, 2019
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Some weird sex thing the kids are into these days.
I can't believe he thought I'd sous vide on the first date. That's gross.
by breathe with me January 9, 2016
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