Puppet, especially a puppet regime that carries out the political will of its conquerer. Vichy is the name of the French city which during World War II was the center of operations and gave its name to the French government which actively cooperated with the Nazi occupation, i.e. Vichy France, June 1940 - June 1944.
"I have long believed and written that the acronym AIPAC should rightly stand for American-style Imperialism Political Action Committee, since it does not reflect the honest desires and needs of the vast majority of the people of Israel but the aims of a global corporate Empire, which reduces the people of both Israel and America to living in its twin facades of "Vichy America" and "Vichy Israel."

--Alan MacDonald, rense.com
by TheTenant January 15, 2013
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A small french candy, made of mint and minerals from the water of the spring of vichy. Exists also in lemon taste.It is white and hard and as the shape of an octogon.The package of the vichys is a big metal box that has the same shape.
Lets get some vichys at the supermaket, i love their taste and the box could have some decorative issue in my house.
by IAMBooba May 26, 2007
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Pronouced: "VEE-SHEE"
Slang word for "vagina"...preferable to "pussy" or "cunt" b/c it sounds better.
"you know how chris is always at gina's house now? it aint cuz theyre doin' homework, hes getting some vichy ery day"
by FrancescaM January 24, 2007
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when a male (or female) watches or masturbates to porn.
A: He was watching vichy, but not doing it

B:He was doing the vichy, y'know
by swagger123456789 March 31, 2014
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a person who is very intelligent, and very exciting adapting to many situations and environment.
a creative personality. (Alexandra vichi)
this occasion was so creative I think it has a hand of vichi

that goal was all so vichi
by Maxelon October 9, 2014
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an unpredictable fellow usaully undefined and full of vicious taughts and act but very tender on the outside look
how vichi of him to hav pulled the trigger i use to think he was an all nice guy
by popoola September 19, 2007
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nickname for contemporary members of the Democratic Party, who have sold out to the increasingly fascist Republican Party just as the Vichy French collaborated with the Nazis
The Vichy Democrats include all Democratic officials who voted to invade Iraq - in other words, just about everyone except Senator Paul Wellstone, who died in a mysterious plane crash.
by David Blomstrom May 16, 2006
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