Vester is the funniest most outgoing person you will ever meet. He’s caring and understanding. He’s always there for you and listens when you talk. His eyebrows are ass but his hair is beautiful and soft. When he loves a girl like with all his heart he treats her like the world he loves her unconditionally and always makes sure she’s happy.
Vester is so funny and I love him
by Harmharmthesis March 27, 2019
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a term used to describe a beef cake wearing a shirt (usually a button down) that is sleeve-less. The logic being that he can be dressed up and show off his muscles at the same time, or his muscles are so huge from shooting steroids that he has to remove the sleeves to fit in the dress shirt.
Look at that vester showing off his girlyman muscles.
by Da Snake August 27, 2006
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A name for a child molester - Uncle Vester child molester
Someone who dates extremely young girls will be called Uncle Vester
by BigCbuzzle June 22, 2010
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"I want to juggle eggs" "No" "Aww stop vestering!"
by SUCCer December 16, 2009
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pick me boy.

These guys with this name tbh like they are soooo sad fr and all they talk abt is how depressed they are and in need for a shoulder to cry on and it’s like not even true.
Omg they’re such a Vester.
by qualifiedpotatostan1234 March 10, 2022
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He is such a cutie, not very smart or good-looking but he can make you laugh in any way:)
Her crush is vester
by Kimno October 5, 2022
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It's a down town area near Soenderbronx, only for tha' awesome people who likes Hentai Gay porn! -_-
dude 1: Hey dude! where you from?
dude 2: Yo! i'm totally from Vester Sottrup maaaaaain!
dude1: tough, tough SO tough ..

dude 2: yeeeeeeeeah ! wanna watch some hentai gay porn ? it's fucking hillarious!
dude 1: HELL YEAH!
by HAHAHA.134 October 5, 2011
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