In the classic Roald Dahl kids' book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Veruca Salt is an obnoxious, spoiled rich brat. She seems sweet and innocent from the surface, but she yells, screams and gets aggressive when she doesn't get her way. Meets her messy end in the nut room, where she ends up down the garbage chute.

Veruca Salt is also the second Golden Ticket winner for a tour of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

Veruca Salt is the epitome of spoiled rich brat.
This spoiled rich brat over there has pulled a Veruca Salt on us again.

If you keep this up, you'll share the garbage bin with Veruca Salt.
by The Real Canadian August 23, 2016
1. (N) Bratty young British girl from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory/Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Selfish.

2. (N) Randomly rude and selfish individual.

3. (N) Alt-pop band from the 1990s.
1. I want it NOW, daddy!!!

2. What a Veruca Salt that girl is, always asking for more and more.

3. Volcano girlllz, volcano girllllz~~
by Neilmiser May 6, 2004
Only the best female alternative/grunge rock act of the 90s, unfairly crapped on by critics and only 2 of their singles "Volcano girls" and "Seether" got popular. Even their single "Shutterbug," with a very high-budget video and SNL performance, was mostly ignored. Released an amazing comeback album in July 2015 and guess what....... still nobody but the fans care. But, to Hell with the masses anyway.
Person 1: Hey do you like Veruca Salt?
Person 2: Well yeah, she's my favorite Willy Wonka character!
Person 1: No, the 90s band.
Person 2: She was in a band?
Person 1: facepalm
by RokkenWithDokken October 8, 2016
A very BAD nut in the classic, and new version, of Willie (Charlie) And The Choclate Factory.
"I want a trained squirrel,NOW!!!"
"I want another pony."
"I want an oompa loompa."
"I want a chocolate river"
Always, I want. Never,Thank you.
Easily the best grunge/women's rock band of the 1990's.
Hey jason, Did you hear Veruca Salt's new album?
No, I'll have to check it out sometime.
by Mygrayne November 12, 2020
(v.intr.) To get one's way by behaving like Veruca Salt; indulged.
I almost expected her to start whining about how she wanted "a golden goose" next, the way she Veruca Salted that thing.
by Neoteric June 23, 2006