Seether is a kick-ass rock band from South Africa known for their post-grunge and alternative metal style. The band formed in 1999 under their original band name of Saron Gas. They changed their name in 2002 after they were discovered by Wind-up Records to avoid confusion with Sarin Gas (a deadly gas). They re-named their band after the song "Seether" by Veruca Salt.

A few popular songs of theirs are Truth, Remedy, Gasoline, Fine Again. Another famous song of Seether's is Broken, an older song of theirs that was turned into a rock ballad duet. Broken is sung by Seether's lead singer Shaun Morgan and lead singer Amy Lee from the band Evanescence. The duet most likely came about due to the fact that Shaun and Amy were in a relationship at that time.

Since the band formed, they have come out with one live album (One Cold Night) and five studio albums (Fragile, Disclaimer, Disclaimer II, Karma and Effect, and Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces). However, they will be coming out with their new album in summer of 2010!

Seether has a great heavy & melodic style with deep, interesting, and often angsty lyrics that touch a variety of emotions and topics. Shaun Morgan has a strong, powerful voice to add to the awesome music and lyrics........and a good screaming voice as well! The other band members also add good harmony as backing voice. Everyone is easy on the eyes too.

Overall, Seether is a wonderful band. Definitely a favorite of mine.
Rock on Seether!!!
by RockerGrrrl July 6, 2010
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N. One who seethes.

Background/Origin: Contrived by Nina Gordon of the Rock band Veruca Salt, having been inspired by the characteristic of artist/poet William Blake to write with authority about a world that seemingly existed only in his head, and musicians like Prince who invent certain words in their songs and use them with such authority as if they were from a dictionary. Examples from Prince include "lovesexy" or his unusual pairing of "spooky electric".
You can't fight the Seether I can't see her till I'm foaming at the mouth.

Note: Usage of the feminine pronoun indicative of the notion that the feminine principle represents emotion, power, movement, or destruction.
by Eponymous Bosch November 13, 2004
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A. Someone who seethes. A term created by Nina Gordan.
B. It later became the song, Seether, by Veruca Salt, the band that Nina Gordan once belonged to.
C. Represents female power.
Oh she may not look like other girls,
but she's a snarl tooth seether. Seether!
by Samantha February 10, 2005
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Seether is neither loose nor tight.
Seether is neither black nor white.
Seether is neither big nor small.
Seether is the center of it all.

It's something you just can't fight
Oh she may not look like other girls,
But she's a snarl tooth seether.
by Bleoox June 27, 2019
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Simmering multiple orgasm often experienced by multi-orgasmin lesbians during cunnilingus.
"I can't see her till I'm foaming at the mouth.
Seether is neither big nor small.
Seether is the center of it all.
I try to rock her in my cradle.
I try to knock her out.
I try to cram her back in my mouth, yeah.
Can't fight the seether" Veruca Salt
by Bien Lingua March 18, 2009
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