Veronica wow where can I begin she's beautiful will care about you till you die whether your in her life or not shell always be there for you and care for you , she's very smart she understands people better than they understand their own self she's forgiving , she's understanding very dedicated in always doing the right things for herself no mettre what people say or do

Veronica is all I need FCKN GODDESS



by Shesfckncuteness August 19, 2018
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Veronica is a beyond gorgeous girl inside and out. She is very poised, but slightly clumsy at times. She can't take jokes very well sometimes, but loves to goof around with friends. She is very shy at first, but very outgoing once you get know her. People may call her weird, but in reality, she is just a naturally fun person that everyone loves to be around. She is too good for everyone because everyone else is ugly compared to her. She is very loyal and trustworthy. Once your her friend, she's got your back for life. She is not self-centered either, she is very humble. She is a great role-model and leader to all of those around her. But watch out, if you treat her the wrong way, she'll hate you forever and make your life a living hell. She also has soft hair and is an amazing singer.
Veronica is such a perfect person.

Look how hot Veronica is.

Look at that girl! She looks perfect, she must be a Veronica.

Veronica is angelic.

I wish I could be like Veronica.
by Gwendolyn Rochelle December 16, 2011
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Veronica is a very beautiful caring girl she is a very fun person to be around she never takes the smile off of her face. However at times she can be rude and disrespectful when she thinks it's necessary. Veronica can definitely fight for herself and her close ones
See that girl she's so pretty she surely looks like a Veronica.
by Mira2306 October 30, 2015
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Veronica is a girl that will make you laugh and that makes you smile. She is the most amazing person you will ever meet. She is gorgeous and kind. She will always be there for you and never gives up on you.
If you meet a Veronica don’t let her go. She will make your life better and have a reason to have a life.
by Briden February 11, 2019
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A Veronica is multiple things she is never perfect. But she is usually vary well thought but because of this her emotions are kept down. If you now a Veronica you should try and help her with this. Remember to not let her go because she is a vary caring person towards her friends. But if seems closed it’s probably because of a broken Hart or a bad experience with people which doesn’t let her trust people. But that’s ok because a Veronica usually wants help but they may not take it because she a troubled trusting people. So just keep trying you will get tough one day. And remember Veronica really does care about you even if they don’t show it
Wow Veronica looks really good in blue

Hi Veronica

How are you Veronica
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Veronica is a person who will have you in a trance.
I was seduced and mesmerized by Veronica. I couldn't move or blink or look away. She is so damn beautiful. I was tranced by her
by shadasia December 20, 2016
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A beautiful person inside and out.
Tends to help people and tries their best no matter what
happens, is a great friend and loyal.
At times people may not know, that they are one of the best people they will ever meet.

Very ambitious and loves to dream.
Veronica is so awesome!!

Did you see how amazing Veronica is?
by Skater15 April 29, 2011
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