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someone who takes over 3 grams ov caffeine a day just to stay awake, you know the people who are so twitchy that they seem like 3 people when you look at them. Usually good at DDR and other gaming.
A) "did you see Zi0n_Freak yesterday? damn is he a caffeine whore"

b) "W00t! I gotz me about 10 grams of caffeine and a 4 day weekend, I am so gonna become a caffeine whore tonight!"

3) "We come here today to mourn the loss of _insert_name_here_, beloved friend and caffeine whore."
by i0.antichrist January 07, 2006

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A loose chick usually found at bars, wears small shirt with words printed right over the overtly large breasts. Generally drunk and easy, but prone to the phrase "what are you staring at?"
1) "hey check out that tit-slogan townie over in the corner, she'll definitely put out."

2) "Do you see that tit-slogan townie? she's such a tramp, walking gonnoreah anyone?"
by i0.antichrist October 16, 2006

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A a shortening of the phrase "very much so", even though there is no "ly" in the phrase. can also be used to mean "very much"

I want to maim you so verily, you have no idea.
by i0.antichrist January 07, 2006

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