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Usually English, but ultimately of pre medieval French origins (i.e., the city of Verdun in Eastern France, or the site of the famous siege of 1916-1917, Verdun, in La Manche);

Associated with the Domesday Book, a famous geographical survey of England in 1086 in which Bertrannus de Verduno of Berkshire was recorded as a close companion of Duke William of Normandy (the future William 1st of England).

Variants include Vardon, Varden, Verden, Verdon, Verduin, Verdun and possibly others.
A balladeer and poet whose golden voice and introspective nature accompany his many instruments and evolve into a sumptuous narrative about his life's trials and personal struggles delivered through song and rhythm.

A strong role model amongst friends, he is a gentle and loyal family man whose life is complemented by his beautiful, smiling Queen, his resilient children, and his treasured grandchildren. He laughs in the face of adversity and is generous with his time and his thoughts. A skilled carpenter and logical problem-solver, no dust settles upon Verdon. He has more than a modicum of mischief and when paired with his quiet intelligence, he entertains the masses.

Everyone should have a Verdon in their life, for he is as real as mere mortals get.
"If you're asking the name of the man who inevitably puts smiles on faces in the crowd, it is Verdon."
"Verdon is happening; Verdon is now."
"You don't know a Verdon? You need to find one to know; your life will be richer for knowing him."
by almostdiva December 20, 2016
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