Eva's twin. Just as cool if not cooler. Likes to sing old Wizard of Oz songs. Knows the lyrics, to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. Very hott n very cool. For all the guys who want to holler HER PHONE NUMBER IS: .......... lol jp bet u thought u were gonna get it huh, didnt u!? u know u did ! lol idk...neways...time for sum xamples of the use of "vera richa."
most of the time you here her name said by other females, in sentences such as "i wish i was vera richa"
by george tayar November 23, 2004
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An overpriced grandma brand that sells stuff with flowers on it and every young teen has it as a social status
WOW!, That gurl has Vera Bradley she’s so cool
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Vera is preety, sweet and a cute.
Sometimes her friends lie to her, but she loves them. Vera’s parents are divorced. In the future she will be rich and loved.
by saraandjonh January 04, 2018
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Vera Tschang is a model who loves to dance. She was born in New Jersey and still lives there till this day.
Vera Tschang likes food
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To De Vera someone is to appear offline and stay silent for a long time until you make some random short comment that surprises everyone because everyone assumed you went to bed a while ago.
"Did you see that? He just De Vera'd the whole chat."
by kyon April 10, 2014
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if some come up to in the train pulls down lady pants and puts a key chain through her libra piercing and starting singing bad guy from Billie Eilish
I tell a police officer 'I went on the train to go home and then some one dirty veraed I want him in jail'
by #billiefantopuno September 06, 2020
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The Vera Special is something that most people will never achieve. It can only be accomplished with two women preferably Latina prostitutes performing oral copulation on ones front and back side simultaneously. It was brought to attention years ago by a Hollywood Blvd legend who had the idea as his game plan for when he was to visit Adelitas bar in Tijuana.
I enjoyed a Vera Special last night!
by Jake Pounder April 12, 2021
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