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An asain that can be in the range of chubby and fat. It will be rare to find a thin Cardin. He does not have any asain accent until he speaks in his native tounge. He does act like a asain boy at all. He will act like a half white half black boy. He plays video games and rages a lot over them. Sometimes their facial expressions will make you swoon over him and others can make you completely disgusted. He lies to make himself seem better but also to hide things from people that can hurt them. He is a fun person to hang around with and once he stops hanging with you, you will find every opportunity to make plans with him.

Find a Cardin and befriend them. They are very unpredictable.
Person: " Look at that chubby asain, must be a Cardin."
by iexperiencemanythings August 19, 2017
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the act of using a credit card or library car to open a locked door thats only locked with the door lock. will not work with dead bolted or chain locked doors. common among collages and any where there are a lot of doorm rooms.
guy 1:Dude your door is locked!

guy 2:Its not dead bolted just card in
by Pearce951 April 05, 2006
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