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The Venus Butterfly is a MANUAL sex act performed on a female. If you can get ORAL squeezed in there, too, then you are either magic or fucking Plasticman. First thing, the Venus Butterfly requires plenty of lube. Place splayed hands together and approach the vaginal area. Index fingers will surround the clitoris. Third and fourth fingers will enter the vaginal canal. Pinkies will either slide in the anus or fold out of the way (depending on your female's preference.) Gently open and close your hands. This will force your hands in and out of the orifices/ orifii? also appearing as a fluttering butterfly. It will take some practice to perfect, but you will be remembered and thanked upon achieving any measure of adeptness.
Although thought to be either simple g-spot stimulation, or oral sex, you must have the concentration and dexterity of a puppeteer to perform the Venus Butterfly.
by Bruno January 06, 2004
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A complicated way of giving oral sex to a female. The use of the tounge, index, middle and ring fingers for full stimulation of the woman
oh yeah she screamed last night when i spread it apart and gave her the butterfly!"
by geo November 21, 2002
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Licking the chick's clit while you use your fingers inside her usualy to rub the g-spot (see g-spot). This usualy is to stimulate a g-spot orgasm.
I got sprayed in the face after I performed the venus butterfly on Carla.
by X April 23, 2003
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A sex toy that stimulates the vulva externally.
There she was in the teachers' lounge, smiling; all you could hear was the buzzing of the Venus butterfly
by cornholio October 04, 2003
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