A ready made packet drink.

The word "Bento" comes from Japan meaning ready made packet food. So "Vento" means ready made packet drink.
Mrs. ABC sees her maid in the kitchen...

Mrs. ABC: Hey! Where is my vento? I am very thirsty and I need to go office very soon! I cannot be late... Hurry up!

Maid: Yes, Ma'm
by SafetyMark November 25, 2009
Part 5 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure which takes place in Italy. It centers around Giorno Giovanna and his dream to become a 'Mafiastar' and end the drug trade and violence of the Mafia gang 'Passione' by overthrowing Diavolo and becoming the second boss of passione.
Vento Aureo is easily the best part.
by TheLostCause April 1, 2018
"Im just a normal twenty year old boy living in the big city. Im a model and actor but of course who isnt in LA? I'm signed with a agency who has me wrapped with a lot. I enjoy my job but people dont realize that its harder then it seems. I've worked very hard to get where I'm at now but I'm still not done." -Aldo Vento's Myspace

Aldo Vento is a model and actor in L.A. who hosts a show on stickam on Tuesdays at 8pm
Are you gonna watch Aldo Vento tonight?
Yeah, of course! I watch him every Tuesday!
by Hiei Lawliet July 31, 2008
Smart Vento is an affiliate marketing company that currently on pre-launch.

Smart Vento is a smart wind since vento is an italian word for wind.
That is Smart Vento!!!
by smartpromoter November 17, 2012
A Piano so powerful that who ever is "lucky" enough to have it play will give enough of anything you need to win a loosing fight no matter how injured or backed into a corner you are.
Traitor 1: thanks for saving me
Traitor 2: no problem, but I could've not done it without Il Vento D'oro

Traitor 1: what?
Traitor 2: You know the piano playing

Traitor 1: what piano?
by Aura dragon1 July 21, 2019