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To exhibit your frustration via the use of a Venn diagram by diagrammatically showing your unhappiness.
To venn out his frustrations for illegally drawing adult math graffiti on the walls of the Ministry of Education (MOE) building, Peter, a Singapore math writer, was fined $1500 and jailed for one day by a Singapore local court—he’s unhappy with the new math curriculum change.
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by MathPlus December 09, 2017
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An amazing person who respects anything that demonstrates an attribute of life and emotion. Someone who thinks of others more often than thyself. One who stands out with a warmhearted personality if only people would look deeper into the grace of a human. Venn is someone who can bring joy and hope to a person who has suffered. Someone who can be of comfort, though they are not present. Has a beauty on the inside as well as out. Someone who values life, rather than looking at all of it's inconveniences. The kindness that bleeds from Venn is so pure, it's not possible to imitate it. Someone who can make a person laugh until the get they hiccups. Like a rose that grows vividly in the snow, you never notice Venn, until you look farther out in the field. Venn is someone I have found.
I love him for he is Venn. <3
by moribund_x September 07, 2008
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Insecure Asian that pretends to act intellectual by BS-ing "intelligent" conversations and is secretly a ghetto wanna-be. He constantly speaks of his "ambitions" of being an artist but spends his time advertising his weed-smoking and love of cheap alcohol on Facebook. He's constantly downgrading as he goes through females like water. He's a walking target for those that know him and realize that he's the most annoying dude on earth. Don't let his long hair fool you.
Girl 1: Oh that boy is sooo cuute...
Girl 2: Ugh, he is such a venn..
by Kaboomxbangx November 28, 2010
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wommen lover
takes no crap from people like smalldick mills
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
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a woMAN lover and double-adapter for animals.
wishes he had "small dick mills"
by Shadow March 24, 2003
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