A party with lots of drinking and little partying
Anyone got a ven this weekend?
by Fattlasss July 1, 2018
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Dutch boy name or short for Venus. Usually adventurous, independent, misterious and badass. Very attractive people too have this name.
"Did you see Ven at the party last nighy? She looked hot af."
"Girl, I have like the biggest crush on Ven but he's so misterious it's so hard to kniw if he likes me too."
by vr. November 17, 2015
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The most chill guy in the entire universe
by Windows Ben December 19, 2021
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Name of one of the most hated girls in the gaming community, due to her association with whales. Makes all the girls rage by just seeing her name. If you want to start the salt, just say Ven.

#1 topic that always comes up.
Sexiest laugh.

Can't type for shit.

Synonym: HBIC, Nose.
This discord is shit thanks to Ven being admin.
Ven The Whale Rider
by WallasSaltMine June 16, 2019
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Short for venmo

Used as an adjective
“Yo can you ven me for pizza last night?”
by sepharim October 29, 2019
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