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awesomely great person who is waaayyyy better than others. first to hear all stories especially those that have to do with ones mental well-being. they are lurved greatly.
Favorite knows everything about creepers.
by other favorite June 18, 2009
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A term of endearment applied to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or good friend. Instead of β€˜honey’ or β€˜sweetie’ they are your favorite, favorite meaning most wanted or desired.
Efrem may be mean, but he's still my favorite.
by Natalie Rae February 25, 2006
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verb: 1.the act of placing something onto a list of favorite items.
2. The act of placing a website onto the "favorites" list on a computer.
"I love the website so much that I am going to favorite it."
by LynnJensen May 26, 2008
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A definition you find while editing on UD that is very good or really funny. You make it a favorite by cliking on the blue star to the right of the definition.

selecting a favorite will give that a fighting chance for the word of the day
n. The language of virgins.

ex: People who use leet-speak will never get laid

thats a good 1 def a favorite.

by TDowns August 14, 2007
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