A slang term (pronounced "zan") that refers to the often abused perscription drug Xanax (alprazolam). This shortened version of the name is used almost exclusively by those involved with the drug recreationally. On Anerican black markets, one will hear the terms "xan" or "bars" more often than "xanax" or "alprazolam." The origin of this abbreviation is unknown, but it likely came about due to the fact that one who is acutely intoxicated on xanax might be incapable of pronouncing the longer names.
OFFICER: "License and registration please..."

SOME GUY: "Uh......a...re.......eg..."

OFFICER: "Sir, are you okay?"

SOME GUY: "Uh.....uh.....xan"

OFFICER: "xan?"

SOME GUY: "Uh...xan"

OFFICER: "Come with me"
by DXMan997 July 22, 2015
a person who has a big heart for everyone, but doesn't take any crap from anyone!! She is a very beautiful lady who probably everyone at some time will have a huge crush on her! She's the perfect woman for a guy who loves to just watch movies and hang out and also likes to be crazy occasionally. She is also a very good kisser, other girls should be really jealous!! She has an amazing talent for many instruments, but she doesn't brag about anything which says so much for her character! :)
by she knows :) December 8, 2010
Fear Xan, he is a mage, and can transform you into a bear. Fear Xan
by Lee Simi July 24, 2004
A hybrid between a hippo and beached whale who mooches cigarettes and doesnt even have the courtesy to clean up after herself in her own dorm even though she doenst live in it anymore.
Oh god, its Xan, hide your cigarettes.
by behrendxoxo September 29, 2012
If your a Xan, odds are you are sexy as hell. You are almost definitely asain, and you know how to have a good time! You have a gorgeous smile, great personality, and for some reason you are usually attracted to Raymonds, which is totally cool. You work alot, are a great artist and pianist, and great to talk to. If you ever meet a person who doesnt like Xan, they are either gay, retarted, or gay and retarted. And they should get hit by a truck instantly. Did I mention she is the best person in the world to talk to? And she has an AMAZING body. If you havent been with a Xan, it is high time you did!
by Ben Dovernowplease December 8, 2010
A Asian girl that is pretty tall to be a asian. A girl that doesn't know what kind of asian she totally is. A girl thats friendly!
Xan is a very tan person, who tans very well.
by Bubblerose December 8, 2010
A genius comedian who resembles Sans crossed with a cat. He is hated by all who are jealous faggots and called gay by pathetic Tracer wannabes.
by Sans D. Comic October 3, 2017