A small liberal arts school in Poughkeepsie, New York with a famously LGBT+ friendly environment. As such, it was consecrated an "Ivy League Whorehouse" by the Westboro Baptist Church in February of 2013, sparking much excitement throughout the student body.
"I can't believe Vassar is now considered Ivy League! I'm so proud to be attending an Ivy League Whorehouse!"
by vassarkid February 11, 2013
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A small, but renown liberal arts college in Poughkeepsie, New York with a student population of 2400. It was founded by Matthew Vassar, a financially successful brewer. Originally a women's college and member of the Seven Sisters, Vassar became co-ed in 1969. The college retains a majority of female students (60%), has a large gay population, and, just like other liberal arts schools, is known for popular recreational marijuana use.
Perhaps the user 'VCunts' was rejected to Vassar College or simply didn't have the credentials to apply in the first place.
by CVI March 15, 2006
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a higher institution in Poughkeepsie New York where half the college is gay. about 75% of the college smokes weed, half are feminist and half are busted bitches (most of whom are also feminist.

"You go to Vassar?"
"Is it really full of gays, stoners, and busted hos?"
by VCunts January 2, 2006
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Verb To tell someone you will do something for them or give them something. Then to callously retract your offer after the person is sure that you're doing something for them.Usually retracted after a long period of time the minimum is 3 hours. Of course the amount of time depends on the person level of dickery.
Brian: Hey so Jeff I don't mind giving you a ride home !
Jeff: Thanks man, you really saved me there, I would've had to wait until 8 to get home.

3 hours later

Brian: I can't give you a ride home, sorry for the confusion.
Jeff: I can't believe you vassared me
by Fabritzz February 3, 2012
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One of the Seven Sister Schools that is now co-ed (because Vassar can handle it) and is no longer affiliated with Yale (because they couldn't handle it). Home of the most beautiful collegiate library in the world, and an eclectic, talented, and generally f**king awesome student body. Located in the unfortunate city of Poughkeepise. Contrary to popular belief, Vassar students are not accepted because they are rich, white, suburbanites, or elite. They are accepted because they have either worked their ass off or learned to play the admissions game. Well, except for the Rockefellers.
Where are you going to college?


Isn't that an all women's college?

No, bitch. It most certainly is not. Now, kindly get out of my face before I ask my lawyer mother to sue your whole f**king family and have you declared insane.
by Jayne Eyre October 10, 2007
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A college near where I live, so I know the facts: it used to be women only, now is co-ed but most males there are sodomites.

Rich kids who got good grades in high school, pseudo-intellectuals who maintain an air of superiority when around the "townies", while most likely knowing that they are in fact inferior to those who were not raised in a closet.

The vassar children embraced Reggae music in the late nineties, but abandoned their faddish interest in it very quickly, perhaps when it dawned upon them that Rastafari culture rightfully scorns homosexual practices, anti-Christian sentiment, paganism, etc.

Vassar is a pocket of benighted individuls shipped in from Connecticut and other bastions of rich white stupidity, now dwelling in a land known as Upstate New York, of which they know nothing of. Mostly congregate around Collegeview and Raymond Avenues, displacing the working-class Black, Latino, and white community who used to frequent the area (ironically the population that the vassar children say they want to "help").

Today this district is besmirched by a gay bar bearing a sign that says "entrance in rear".
Yo, what's up tonite at billiards?

I don't even go to that part of town no more; the vassar children have taken over!
by Canada Street's in the bldg. December 12, 2006
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A furry fan who injoyes blink 182
You would listen to blink in a fox suit, your such an Ian Vassar.
by poeforshow44 December 6, 2010
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