10 definitions by Canada Street's in the bldg.

hey, Jim, pass me them potatas....Ma, could you ask Jim for the potatas. Ma? MA! yeah, that's right, the potatas.
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Someone suffering from the sickness of pedophilia (see my definition of pedophilia)
pedophiles and their ACLU cheerleaders, whine and bitch about how it's O.K. for adults to be sexually attracted to children. It is not. Parents and their allies (including the---*gasp!*---Christians) are watching you. NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD, SICKO.
by Canada Street's in the bldg. December 11, 2006
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A sickness in which an adult is sexually attracted to children. Some of these people clamor for "rights" and even offer the twisted idea that we are denying children their rights by classifying pedophilia as what it is.

Pedo: "we are not child molesters! some of us have respectable jobs and make a lot of money! even if we did abuse children, who are you to deny their right to be abused?!"

Human: "Canada Street said somethin' about pedophilia....he said when he has kids, he might just put you to sleep like the rabid dog you are."
by Canada Street's in the bldg. December 11, 2006
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Mildly talented, extremely over-rated entertainer. Was a racist pig as a youth, has since offered a half-hearted "well, boys will be boys" type of apology. Utilizes Black music to tell tales of raping his mother and killing his wife. Feminem achieved his popularity in large part due to his skin color; if you tell an average white feminem fan that feminem is not The Best Ever, the fan will react as if you insulted every member of his family.
I hope Feminem means it when he says "Curtain Call", i.e. retirement. His "music" has gotten progressively suckier.
by Canada Street's in the bldg. January 07, 2006
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A white-owned piece of shit trying to masquerade as a channel geared toward African-American audiences. Few African-Americans have anything nice to say about it, as they recognize it to be a mere minstrel show portraying nothing but stupid-ass white stereotypes of Black culture. As numerous whites, on this board and elsewhere have said, "Blacks would be upset if we had a channel!!!" Well, you have all the other channels, plus BET which is also a white channel.
Hey, they're showing 'MALCOLM X' on BET tonite, instead of 'The Viacom shake that booty hour.' It must be February.
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A self-righteous asshole who spewed childish bubble gum music and foul blasphemy that his drug-addled fans thought was groovy. Also, Mr. Peace, Love and Understanding left his wife and child for Yoko Ono whom Beatles devotees blame for the fact that the band had run its course.

If you listen to Lennon's ditty "Imagine", you'll find that by the time he's done imagining, he has imagined that nothing exists other than himself. That's the John Lennon philosophy in a nutshell. Of course I am sorry he was murdered, but his failure to rise on the third day was a fitting end.
John Lennon proclaimed himself and his band as "bigger than Jesus", and also predicted that "Christianity will end". Christianity is still here, Lennon is dead as a doornail.
by Canada Street's in the bldg. November 26, 2006
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Researching Treacher-Collins syndrome at the National Craniofacial Associaton's website, I found out that the syndrome, also called mandibulofacial dysostosis, causes facial anomolies and sometimes speech and hearing problems. It does not cause a tendency to "act retarded", "moo and stuff" or "take dumps everywhere". ben, I would diagnose your condition as the results of INBREEDING, rather than a case of Treacher Collins syndrome.
ben lynch has never been to Canada street, has no idea what he's dribbling off at the mouth about, and is the type of white racist scumwad who is resentful of anyone and everyone with a full set of teeth, the ability to walk upright, and a normal-sized penis.
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