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One of the Seven Sister Schools that is now co-ed (because Vassar can handle it) and is no longer affiliated with Yale (because they couldn't handle it). Home of the most beautiful collegiate library in the world, and an eclectic, talented, and generally f**king awesome student body. Located in the unfortunate city of Poughkeepise. Contrary to popular belief, Vassar students are not accepted because they are rich, white, suburbanites, or elite. They are accepted because they have either worked their ass off or learned to play the admissions game. Well, except for the Rockefellers.
Where are you going to college?


Isn't that an all women's college?

No, bitch. It most certainly is not. Now, kindly get out of my face before I ask my lawyer mother to sue your whole f**king family and have you declared insane.
by Jayne Eyre October 09, 2007
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