Steve Blum: I'm in everything, and I'm everyone. That voice in your head...yeah...I'm him.

Steve Blum as the narrator: Steve Blum, the Voice Actor's voice actor.
by Shadowpawn September 15, 2008
Pretty much anyone who does voice acting of some form, and is dumb as hell while doing it. At least they are pretty funny

Generally, they can be found online. Often on discord. But sometimes, in person as well. Watch out if you find one, they are said to be rabid
"Letty is really a dumbass voice actor. But they do be kinda fine 😳"

"Oh shut up Ash, your just as much of a

dumbass voice actor!"

"Your one to talk Lusa"
(And then they go on."
by AshIsADumbass January 2, 2022