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A GDer is someone who frequents the General Disscussion forum on Gaia online. If one claims to be a GDer, yet t4lk$ lyk ths, they probably are a liar.
GDer's are known to be complete and utter assholes, flame non-stop, hate newcomers, and embrace sex and trolls.
'Lol, i'm a gder!!11!'

by 11 Is Louder Then TEn June 25, 2007
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To be an anti-text talk, anti-promme/scene-kid!

HATE noobs and trolls. Exception to trolls are Sex/porn trolls.

We yes I am a GDer are know in the Gaian world to be complete arsewholes who dont giva a shit about any one elses opinion some times! We never click links and need pics for our proof. We like flaming crap that sucks so dont do that BS!
Person: "I got punched in the eye now i have black eye and a shiner!"

GDer: "Lol at you!"
by SeaGua August 14, 2007
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Someone who partakes in activities in the Gneral Discussion forum on Gaia Online. They are much better than Chatterboxers. There are varius "prominent" users, or prommies, including Conan the Barbeque, Switchdown, Asexual, Mushroom Flavored Water, and Moterola. They are the most 1337 of all.
'A GDer is someone that posts in the General Discussion forum. They range from trolls, to regs, to much much more. We are cooler than the Chatterboxers.' -...Akira Eats Bread!
by MyDarkestHour January 22, 2006
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