One who is excessive in the act of interfering.

(person 1 is happy watching tv)
(person 2 comes in and starts to interfere by changing the channel)
person 1: stop being a van dyke!

In this instance person 2 would be a van dyke.

Where it has derrived from: In Mary Poppins Dick Van Dyke used to interfere during Mary Poppins.

Mary Poppins: (singing)
Dick Van Dyke:Oh its so lovely!!!!!
this would continue until the end of each song.

Van dykes: (a group of van dykes)look at that gang of van dykes!

Van dyked:(to be van dyked)he is getting van dyked!
Van dyking:(to Van dyke) stop van dyking will you!
Van Dyker:(one who van dykes)he's a van dyker!

by ---BLEWERT((()))))--- October 17, 2006
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The coolest group of girls ever who spent one amazing week living in a house together at the beach and having the fucking time of their lives. They all miss each other greatly now.
Are you going to party at the Van Dykes house tonight?? they are the shit!!!
by Tabatha November 05, 2003
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A picture of a penis, known colloquially as a "dick pic"
It's most sarcastic use is of sending a publicity still of the actor Dick Van Dyke to a friend - you did indeed send a picture of a Dick. However, this can be best used when moaning to a friend (in polite society) when you have become the unwilling recipient of a picture of an actual penis.
Two minutes of chatting with this guy online, and he send me a Van Dyke...
by kapweeng June 11, 2018
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To use someone for your own personal gain.
Imma sit here and vandyke while these boys clean my rims
by Lilrichard123 February 23, 2017
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