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A vadge is a term used to describe those who take pleasure from the unhappiness of others. If they suspect that someone may be enjoying themselves they will go to extreme lengths to cause unhappiness. Due to their frequent repeated use of the same phrase they are often mistaken as the son of a Plastic John, however a genetic investigation has showed that vadges are not 100% human, but the results of failed test tube experiments.
If left unattended may form SMEGMA,
A toxic fungus.
I was feeling rather happy but I've been vadged and now I feel like shit.

It looks like a vadge, smells like a vadge and sounds like a vadge, luckily I didn't step in it!
by Uncle Kunty March 10, 2019
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Derived from vagina. Similar in meaning to wuss, wussy, or wimp. A person with no backbone. Pussy is used in much the same way.
Don't be such a vadge!
by Stan B. January 16, 2003
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Means female sexual organ/hole :)
You can describe someone as being vadginous - meaning being like a cunt :D
by dave January 02, 2004
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Short for Vagina. A term for a girl/woman. vagina,pussy,cunt

My adhd head came up w/ it.
Vadge, shut up!
Yo Mike, tell your vadge to stop bitching!
Vadge come here, i wanna see u naked.
by jt-where July 07, 2004
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(Noun, From Vagina) - 1. The female opening though which a dick is inserted for sexual pleasure. (cf. asshole and fuck) 2. A name which ardent anti-feminists name their daughters, which may also be used to refer to any member of the female sex.
1. Did you fuck her vadge, or did you just hit her in the shitter? 2. Hey Vadge, how about passing that blunt already?
via giphy
by Buttfuckme August 23, 2017
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verb. To re-rack. This is command often given when re-racking is necessary in a beer pong game.
"I just sank that 4th cup. Vadge it up."
by Garden Utopia November 02, 2005
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nickname for pop icon Madonna -- variation on existing nickname "Madge" which came from "Her Majesty" -- a play on British royalty -- especially now that Madonna lives with her husband & family in the UK.

sometimes derogatory.

sometimes a term of endearment.
Why does everyone complain about that British accent Vadge has been sporting for over a decade? It's nothing new -- Vadge has been talking that way since she lived there for 6 months back in 1995.

Vadge Rules!

Vadge needs to give up acting.
by Dubbreak March 18, 2006
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