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(verb) The act of going to an out of town destination for the sole purpose of defiling ones body and soul in as many sinful ways as possible, esp with the use of alcohol, gambling and strippers.
I have to move the meeting on the 14th, I'll be vacationing in Vegas
by clubberL March 05, 2009
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The American custom of leaving both your brain and your house vacant for a half night and then 8 and one half days out of each year so you can keep your bank account vacant for half a week and 8 and one half months out of each year.
"Here's the vacationing plan family; on Friday after school mom will pack the snacks while everyone else tries to pack their clothes and toys, after everyone is done, mom makes adjustments on everyone's choice of clothing while everyone else makes adjustments on the health level of the snacks provided. Next, we leave California in time to check into the hotel in Vegas before checkout time so we have an hour to sleep so we don't waste the night that we already payed for in advance. Then we buy the necessities we forgot and drive across the country to get to Florida by Tuesday before midnight so we can get at least 4 hours of sleep before spending 2 half days and one night in the Disney World Resort and buy mom sneakers and use the kids' help to vacate the rest of Dad's savings accounts and max out the credit cards. We won't be able to afford another night at the resort so we take a 30 minute nap before checkout and shove what we can in the trunk and attempt to make it back to California in time to take a 30 minute nap before school starts and while Dad is sleeping on his desk at work Mom digs into her hidden cash stash to pay the speeding tickets and buy AAA insurance for next year's vacation."
by pastoryoshi November 14, 2011
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