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An act where a horny woman gets corn-holed by a raging horny ass
That chick was in a donkey show last night!
by sparky March 20, 2004

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- Off work
- Not to be disturbed by anyone from work
- Not bothered with work
- To be left alone
Don't call me on vacation, you shiznid!
by Sparky December 22, 2004

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The single greatest drummer and rock star of all time. Played for The Who. He lived a reckless, care free life that eventually led to his death at age 31 of a drug overdose on September 7th, 1978. He was known for blowing up his drum set, and also kicking it over a lot. Singuarly the greatest musician to ever live.
Don't take my word for it, go out and buy Tommy or Live At Leeds.
by Sparky December 22, 2004

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queen of bitchs
stop being such a queen b
by sparky November 29, 2003

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Latin, meaning "I have sinned."
In that episode of Law & Order, the evil priest told the detectives that peccavisti meant "I have sinned." It's a lie, of course; "I have sinned" is peccavi, peccavisti means "you have sinned."
by Sparky March 04, 2005

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Evil half robot, half freak monster from retro cartoon "Voltron".
"Princess Alora to Hank. We've gotta kill that robeast!"
by Sparky May 16, 2003

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1. An obnoxious person.
2. One who speaks without knowledge or reason.
3. In general, a shit head.
Wow, that shiznid keeps interrupting our intelligent conversations.
by Sparky December 13, 2004

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