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Latin, meaning "I have sinned."
In that episode of Law & Order, the evil priest told the detectives that peccavisti meant "I have sinned." It's a lie, of course; "I have sinned" is peccavi, peccavisti means "you have sinned."
by Sparky March 04, 2005
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The large mound of bulging fat just above the clit directly below the navel on a woman. Looks just like another fold of fat located near the vagina.

Some notables with a large "piss bag" would be Rosane Bar and Star Jones
"Dude did you see the nasty piss bag on that chick." "Yes Kip I did and it is nasty."
by Sparky June 01, 2003
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The outrightly suicidal strategy of nations protecting themselves from nuclear (or, in more recent days, chemical or biological) attack by preparing enough weapons to reduce the attacking country to rubble even as they are themselves wiped out.

Basically, if you're going to be screwed over, make sure the rest of the world is, too.
During the Cold War, the US and the USSR built massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons while following a strategy of mutually assured destruction
by Sparky August 30, 2003
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Anyone from up north that has a silly name like KEEDA, and thinks they are hard but are really soft as a chocolate fire guard!
by Sparky February 02, 2004
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A small featherey creature commonly found in parks and in ponds.
"Would you like to buy a duck?"
"A what?"
"A duck!"
"Does it quack?"
"Of course it quacks! Its a duck!"
by Sparky November 25, 2003
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one of the if not the best bass player on the face of the earth. Fromerly of the band Phish.
and if you could only hear cactus, cactus would this say...
by Sparky October 29, 2004
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