the usual drink of the Alice Springs native and bogans. this is a cheap poor tasting mid strength beer. typically found empty laying all over the streets of Alice Springs tenant Creek and Cooper Pedy. and other towns over Australia. . .
go Carlton. Its a big ad expensive ad it beter sell some bloody beer
you aren't allowed to drink VB in the street Mr Pjintara... you stole my green can. . . YOU RACIST WHITE PUCK
by bane0030 December 01, 2007
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'Visitor's Beer' - A beer that you give to visitors, so you can have the quality brew all to yourself.
by CyberSniper August 24, 2003
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VB, is a specially brewed beer, produced and sold all over Australia. Although it has an unpleasant taste, the wide Australian community all enjoy drinking it. The typical Aussie drink.
Hey, ya wanna cool bottle of VB, mate?
by Lolz.com August 28, 2010
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omg mike you are so kewl you made a nu VB program you are so leet!
by Jagged Edge March 05, 2005
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ubiquitous Australian beer that is popular to bad mouth
A: "Wanna beer?"
B: "VB tastes like shit, only bogans drink it"
A: "Then get your own fuckin beer, wanker"
B: "Ok, I'll have one, they really aren't that bad"
by Getadogupya August 22, 2006
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A VB is a Vaginal Block, commonly referred to as a Cock Block. It is the intentional or unintentional act of lowering the chances of some one's (usually a buddy's) chances of getting some poon or pussy.
Cb's and Vb's can be replaced by acronyms such as
Cooler and Basket
Carrot Bun
Cold Bud
Vector Bar
Village bike
valley bar ETC!!!

Vaginal Block,
Pussy Block,
Billy is in the middle of getting some girl to come back with him.

Ben - "Hey Billy, i need to talk to you for a second outside"
Billy - "Dude, jam on the Vector Bars(VB)"
Ben - "My bad man, didn't realize i was bringing the Cooler and Basket (CB!)"
Billy - "it's all good i'll catch up with you later"
by Billy Hatchet May 19, 2008
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