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Alice Springs, a lovely small town in the middle of Australia. It is known for uluru and it's desert.
For the tourist it is an amazing place.
to live there, is sh*t.
Aboriginals on the street drinking there goon and sniffing petrol, what a great place ay mate!
But seriously, alice springs, the place to be!

full of mad wanna be's who go around picking fights and doing drugs, yeah there pretty cool. Alice springs, get on it!
Let's go down the todd river in alice springs and drink some vb with the locals!

alice springs, where aborignals shit, piss, sleep and have sex on the street.

"what ya doing on the weekend" "oh nothing mate, remember, im from alice springs, nothing to do!

"gotta love gettin chased by noongas in alice springs"

Alice springs - stabbing capital of the world
by Jdmaczbruz March 02, 2012
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