"I'm serious", and if you're not, you get punched once in the arm
I have money, V Card.
by america's favorite ketchup April 03, 2008
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"Last night Jackie got her v card stamped, BY ME! Sorry to hear your sister is no longer a virgin bro. Are we still friends? Can I still bang your sister?"
by pistolpj June 19, 2009
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a medical condition: When a man falls deeply inlove with the woman he loses his virginity to. This woman who holds the mans "v card" has complete control over him for a period of time.
Ever since Jon banged Kate hes been acting like a pussy whipped faggot. Havent seen him in weeks.

I know man, a bad case of V-Card Syndrome.
by davidnfld July 21, 2010
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i made it accedently on 2008, it means someone's virginity. i first said "my VIP card" but people started saying v-card.
me- "Hey Giovanna can i give you my vip card?
giovanna-"your what"?
me- "my virginity"

virginity= VIP card= v-card
by streetz is callin June 04, 2009
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he or she who took your v-card v-card
he1; last night i went back to cassie's house.
he2; what did you guys do?
he1; well lets just say i'm her v-card holder.
by yourv-cardholder January 28, 2009
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A code way of saying that your no longer a virgin.
My big brother just texted me after the first night of the honey moon, he Lost the V-Card!
My dad said if I went to that girls house and Lost the V-Card he'll kill me.
by Ceaser98 November 30, 2015
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