John drop a few V&T right before his Russian History final.
by ALEXfromExeter July 26, 2005
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Cocktail consisting of Vodka and Tixylix
'Oi rude boy, we out of breezers'
'So mix a nigga a V&T.'
by Stylus Jones November 9, 2004
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The nerdy way of saying tasty tasty, very, very tasty.
"Look at Chloe, she's t²v²t"
"Colon Outer Bracket :)"
by JizzieNinja November 19, 2009
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V on T, is short for Vegemite on Toast.
'I feel like some v on t'
'It's V on T time!'
by ferrisbuellerismyhero April 3, 2006
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Value Added Tax (VAT) is a general consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services.
the crass went Bankrupted because they forgot to charge VAT
by anarchy and freedom July 6, 2005
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The formula for finding acceleration of a moving object. Also the cause of students failing physics.
Teacher: Do you know the acceleration formula?
Student: a=(v-u)/t
Teacher: Good.
by hahaX6X10^23 May 12, 2019
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That bitch had such a T-V I couldn't get a needle in.
by Krissy Tragic Raven August 3, 2011
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