Corporate filler speak for "making a product more expensive by some obscure improvement/modification".
"Dude, Doritos are now $5.00 a bag, but it's alright, because the extra cheese powder makes them a Value Added Product."
by Kilroy June 8, 2004
Something added in addition to a product to make it appear better value for money.
Windows 98 had many value added utilities on its CD in the VALUEADD directory.
by sublimal June 4, 2004
A term used during meetings, generally to sound slick and cutting edge. Means exactly the same thing as "adding value," which itself is redundant because any work project is supposed to add value.
Employee #1: By doing this project we will provide value-added
Employee #2: You mean we'll add value?
Employee #1: You obviously can't keep up with the high energy world of business.
by rlstein November 4, 2009
A tax added to an item to raise government revenue from every stage of production, cradle to grave. Referred to as a VAT tax. It was an idea proposed in 1918 and implemented in France in 1954.
The Govt wants to add a Value Added Tax, or VAT because they keep spending money and can't manage their money, as sales tax, income tax, and death taxes aren't enough. They need to keep raising money to support the middle and low income folk who in turn can't manage their money, so they will keep taking from them to help support them. An alternate solution is to prevent fraud in govt social programs and let people spend their own money.
by Korgon June 6, 2010
A NOVA (No Obvious Value Added) is a person who in any social event adds no value to any conversation or activity. They are boring, dull and no fun to have around. There is also such a thing as a Super NOVA.
Man why did you invite Susie to the Super Bowl party, she's such a NOVA (No Obvious Value Added). She just sat there and said nothing with that blank look on her face see whole time. Also see Super Nova
by CooCoo 4 CoCo Puffs January 25, 2013
A diabolical plot by the SQA to drive all high school students in Scotland to the brink of insanity and stress.
"Why did Johnny go insane? "
"Too many Added Value Unitss"
by James Wood370 February 13, 2014