A girl that is sexy, smart, cool, and loads of fun to be around. She's always smiling and there to help and... she is so hot! Freakin sizzling HOT, amazing in the sack, freeek-a-leek, sweet, caring, funny, smart....gorgeous and boooooootylicious :) Uzzie is a masterpiece who was created by God to bring beauty into this world and get rid of ugly people.
Let's go out posing on Ecclesall Road where the beautiful people hang out... we'll see Uzzie there for sure!
by Goggatjie July 12, 2010
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Something that is extremely funny. The word "Uzzy" is also known as something that is cute in a stupid way.
Steven "Wow, that guy had weird clothes!"
Evan "Ha ha, look at his shoes, they're uzzy as hell!
by EvanDoughnuts August 9, 2008
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A term used to explain something insanely weird, as if it felt like you were high, and may only be used by stoners.
A computer that blows smoke out of the side is described as Ipy Uzzi.
by Drew Wildthong December 7, 2009
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A rapper who always shows off himself with weird emo decorations and is known for the song Uzzy (or you can spell it Ussy however you want), or Pussy without the P.
Ben: I just stumbled upon a DikTok video about someone dancing to a song where the vocals said Ussy.
Gregory: Did you listen to Uzzy by Lil Uzzy Vert?
Ben: Yeah.
Gregory: 😅
by gregben July 6, 2021
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Hit a 3 point contested shot in basketball
Pass the ball here so I can "pull up in that uzzi skirt skirt"
by Kanner McFlipper February 7, 2017
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