UwU/OwO are messages like :) , :( , :/ , :3 ,...
UwU = Blessed Face
OwO = surprised Face
To a friend: I’m so looking forward to meet you UwU


That’s so cute UwU

To a friend: You did. what?! OwO


He’s so handsome!! UwU/OwO
by Snailyboy January 12, 2020
Kill it. Kill it with fire. Send it back to the deep depths of hell it came from.
GUY 1: I'm so Kawaii UWU/OWO!
GUY 2: Oh God, oh God please help me.
by TheMushroomKing.Official January 3, 2022
UwU/OwO means rail me

it looks nothing like a face yall high or something?
person 1:UwU/OwO
person 2: Ayo lets have sex bbg 😩🤚
by ImaBehindYouUWU April 9, 2021
normally used as a "cute" symbolism.
89.99999999999 percent of furry use it.
furry kill me frens
somebody: uwu/owo

me:*shots furry*
by nonsense man January 25, 2023
It basically means rail me so when a girl says uwu she wants you to rail her
person 1: come uwu/owo
person 2:ok bet come to bed
by 8382992- April 1, 2021
A series of uwu and owo, and furries like me say this.
owo uwu owo uwu owo, wats dis?
by Nichtionary December 29, 2020