Using a semi-circular motion with your hand to wipe crumbs off from the table.
McGillacutty made a mess while eating and he was running late For work; so he decided that using the force would save him time and that his wifey would be happy to mop it up later.
by Neuropsych January 16, 2017
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To use intuition, or allow your actions to be guided by whatever mystical force controls your destiny.
"But I don't know how to drive a combine-harvester!!"
"Use the Force, dude."
"Ahh, okay."
by traffichazard December 15, 2005
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Use the force

1) She totally used the force last night.

2) He uses the force all the time.
by thehxcoreauburn June 8, 2011
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A term used in Stars Wars. The force are powers in which a Jedi can pick up, push or throw objects.
by Richard Kenobi June 21, 2005
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Driving to an unfamiliar destination without the use of Waze, Google Maps or other navigation apps.
We would have gotten here sooner, but my husband insisted he "use the force." We ended up driving around for a half-hour trying to find the right address.
by larscooley March 8, 2017
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I couldn't score with that ho at the dance, so I wound up going home to use the Force on the pink Darth Vader!
by pentozali October 18, 2006
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