Used by computer on the occasion that the user is incorrect, poorly configured, incompatible, or just an idiot.
Dialog: User error, please reinsert user, if the problem persists, please contact Microsoft for a replacement.
by omnipseudonym December 30, 2005
1) Source of the majority of computer problems.
2) l33t d00d with mad skillz
It's gotta be user error...
by User Error January 19, 2003
a issue that is caused by the user and not the computer they are using
user error phrases include
PEBKAC=Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
PICNIC=Problem in Chair, Not in Computer
Layer 8=The 8th layer on the OSI Model being the user
by |Grayfox| March 4, 2011
Derived from the common Microsoft computer error, User Error is called when someone screws up. This could be knocking over a glass, saying a stupid phrase, telling a bad story, cheating on your girlfriend, forgetting to feed your child, etc. etc.
John (to hot co-worker): "Hey Marissa, apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?"
Marissa: "User Error"

Stephen walks into the room carrying a plate full of appetizers for the party, but trips and spills them on his mother-in-law. User Error
by Rhymes with PUNT July 25, 2009
Error ID10T (A Leet spelling of "Idiot" Pronounced "AI-DEE-TEN-TEE") is a common error reflected in the IT world. It usually involves blaming computer manufactures or others for errors and conditions beyond the company's own control and is a simply nicer way to describe user error without demeaning them. Unless they understand the subtle reference.

What commonly causes this error can range from simply failing to turn the computer on or plugging it in, to deleting an important system file, and oftentimes due to downloading malware and viruses without knowledge of what comes in packaged downloads. (Smileys, Signatures, Email Backgrounds...etc.)
IT Guy: Help Desk, how can I assist you?
Person: Yes, I received an email saying I should delete a file call "rundll32" from my windows directory because it's a virus. Should I be worried? Because my friends have it too. My computer wont start anymore.
IT Guy: Don't panic, its just User Error #ID10T.
Person: ID10T??
IT Guy: Yeah, a faulty condition exists between the logic processing unit and the operational control modules.

Support guy: Hello and welcome to Blandy Technical support, My name is Rick, How may I help you this evening?
Person: Yes, My Blandy computer is acting up. Your computers are a piece of crap!
Support guy: I'm sorry that you're having an issue with our computers. I can assure you we'll do what we can to satisfy our customers. Can you tell me when you started having the issues, and what are they?
Person: Well, I bought your Blandy laptop last may, and every time I drop it, It turns off! I keep losing my work and its annoying! Also, now its making this annoying grinding sound since I took it to the beach. I tried blowing in the disk drive but all it did was make it worse! Then I spilled coffee all over my laptop and it was fine until I put it in the sink to wash it! Now it doesn't even turn on!!!
Support guy: It sounds like you have an Error #ID10T.
Person: ID10T?? Whats that mean?
Support guy: It means that an issue exists between the keyboard and the chair.
Person: What? I don't get it?
Support guy: You're an idiot. Get it now?
by Mediarocker543 September 3, 2010
A college student who hangs around LUE.

Usually abbreviated to UNE.
UNE (User Name Error) posts at LUE, occasionally.
When you are incapable of doing anything properly because you continuously make obvious mistakes that are not obvious to yourself. Can often be fatal. Commonly associated with people who's name begin with the letter P.
"Human" 1: "It was a misinput, misinput, YOU CALM THE FUCK DOWN IT WAS A MISINPUT"
Human 2: "Sounds like a bad case of User Error, you have 24 hours left to live"
by AlekEagle May 19, 2022