Un-Identified Party Injury, Mysterious injuries discovered after a a period of intoxication.
This morning, I woke up with a UPI on my leg.
by McBain February 7, 2002
a word used in instant messaging when you accidently have your right hand fingers off by one on the home row on a qwerty keyboard.


by sirtalksalot June 5, 2009
Upies is somewhat part of ddlg.
Upies mean when your little wants to be picked up and be help close
Kitten: "upies?"
Daddy: *picks you up*
Kitten: yay
by Oliver the fox June 9, 2018
An indian girl who moved to the u.s.
She thinks she is ugly but in reality she is very pretty.
She likes wanna-be gangstaas and black people and likes it when people mistake her for mexican c;
Black Man- Yo dawg, who is that mexican girl?
White Man- You mean Upi? She's not mexican...shes indian
Black Man- Ahh...well she's hot
by noahc; November 27, 2010
A large person who looks mature, but is actually an eight-year child in disguise.
I had no idea that their son is an Upy.
by Triiiiiiicide July 23, 2008
Upside down double penetration.

A girl lays on her shoulders and 2 guys penetrate her pussy and asshole.
Jackie raised her holes to the sky and rested her weight in her shoulders as tony and mike stuck their dicks in her pussy and asshole.

upi dupi isnt gay but it can get weird
by Tony Oats October 12, 2010
Givl Upi means fuck you, you just simply move over one letter to the right to type it. You can also use this language if you want a friend not to understand what your saying online when chatting or to joke around.
givl upi =fuck you

upit s noyvj = your a bitch

givl upi. upi vsm divl ,u vpvl = fuck you, you can suck my cock
by Mash Pan October 8, 2009