Eats fried chicken and rice

Buys designer he cant afford

Eats plain noodles with doritos

Immature asf

Doesnt know how to drive and his dad is a driving instructor

Took him 5 times to finally pass his theory
by Unseasoned pussy February 26, 2020
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A person who lacks the spice and seasoning to either their dry ass food or plain personality.
Jayden: 'wtf is this my guy your chicken needs a likkle bit of seasoning'
Reagan:'madd ting it must be bare dry, unseasoned ting'

ex. 2
Rhianna:'Lets dance to some afrobeats likkle bit of shaku and zanku'
Amy:'Whats that?'
Rhianna:'oh my days you're so unseasoned'
by a1daweed18 December 2, 2019
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ameture or spiceless
Lindsey is an unseasoned gyspy.
by hotshot146 December 31, 2016
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An insult used to define a person with a disturbing lack of culture and maturity. Usually pretends to be superior to people younger than him or her. Very stuck up. Lives in a illusion of happiness. Wastes time. Young foolish and uncultured. Perfect insult to use when parents are near.
Person 1: That person thinks Banana Fish is trash.
Person 2: How can that be! What an Unseasoned Peanut! Let's summon demons on him!
by Nenemouse. July 12, 2020
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An unseasoned cabbage is a lazy slob that doesn't deserve your time.
Ben : how she's a bitch she must be an unseasoned cabbage
by YourMumsFave June 19, 2018
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someone who is more bland than water itself
nathaniel is such unseasoned water
by greenteabitch August 6, 2021
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Someone who is being stupid and not using their common sense to understand somethinf simple.
Friend: How do I change the brightness on my phone?

Me: You're such an Unseasoned Cabbage!
by MrAdemola123 June 17, 2020
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