To suck the semen out of a girl's vagina after jizzing inside of it.
After realizing he made a mistake, Stevenson promptly unscrewed the fat girl from down the hall.
by Red Joseph April 16, 2015
Unscrew(v) Masturbating with one's left hand; the opposite of screwing yourself.
"Instead of screwing himself, Johny decided to use his left hand and furiously unscrew himself."
by CLiFF June 3, 2004
Used by Cornnbourbon to refer to masturbating. (Used in the Bioshock 2 Spam Play, Part 19)
Tatsudoshi: He was masturbating. MATURBATING. That's what he was doing. Masturbating.

Cornnbourbon: Unscrewing the toothpaste?
by Don'tFucktheSoap March 12, 2011
The act of unscrewing one's 'tip' of the penis, and putting it into a plastic case with liquid.
Peter: Ah man, i had to unscrew the tip on friday, it was proper itching

Sue: If i had a tip it would irritate me too, don't worry
by dr dipper January 9, 2010
I heard Nick was unscrewing your lid last night after speed dating and now you're preggers. You should be securing your lid like I secured mine!
by Hot Chocolate Chicks July 29, 2011
Me and old mate are going to a party, probably going to be unscrewing lids
by Maddcunt md June 14, 2019