The kind of sex you should have if you want to have children. However, there is also the risk of potentially getting an STD.
Matthew and Ashley had Unprotected Sex because they wanted to have children, but instead they got an STD.
by PhoenixGamer34 May 6, 2021
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1.) The only real kind.

2.) A good way to get HIV.
1.) Guy #1: I had sex last night.

Guy #2: Did you use a jimmy hat?

Guy #1: Of course not.

Guy #2: So you had unprotected sex?

Guy #1: there any other kind?

2.) Guy #1: I had unprotected sex with a Brazilian transsexual.

Guy #2: You have HIV now.
by BigGrabby August 18, 2009
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An unprotected sex partner is one who does not have a gun, or some other weapon when having sex.
Steve Allen only has male unprotected sex partners. He thinks women are icky.
by The Original Energizer Bunny August 31, 2008
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the act of holding a passionate gaze (eye sex) with someone from across the room without wearing any protection; such as eye glasses, sun glasses, or contacts.
I hope I don't get pink eye after having unprotected eye sex with that guy.
by melanieeeeeeeeeeeeh July 16, 2009
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