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- Do something that would contribute to forgetting one's problems or reducing stress.

- Relaxing after being deprived of relaxation.
''Auh that week was horrible. Just neverending material to study. I really need to unplug so i think i'm gona go watch that football game in Greensboro''.
by roomforalan October 17, 2008
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Step away from the computer.
Richard Richards spent 48 hrs straight infront of his Computer. He needs to UNPLUG.
by KillerLWH June 20, 2006
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The act of halting or postponing the usage of electronic devices
My father likes it when we unplug ourselves at the dinner table
Alex unplugged himself at the party to enjoy what was happening around him more
by Unplug Me March 03, 2015
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The simple act of tugging another's sexual organs with one's hand. A handjob in effect.
"Want to help me unplug Tom tonight?"

"No thanks, he already got unplugged by me."
by Gajen November 05, 2009
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